Wednesday, 15 March 2017

To be... Lycadican or not to be Lycadican.... that is the question

Comments from previous playtesters (and my brother) got me thinking recently about the name Lycadican. The recent direction I've been going is is quite different from that of the original Lycadican FRPG (version 5) which was very AD&D Second Edition with modifications to rules for things like attacks striking body areas, greater emphasis on proficiencies, a radically expanded magic system and of course a different game world with different races and character classes.

The current version that I've been working on is very very different. The game world has changed significantly. The geography has changed, the races themselves have changed or been massively expanded upon and the game mechanics themselves have changed in order to take into account new concepts. The magic system remains largely the same, however, but the largest change is probably in the theme. It's much more focused on the supernatural, concepts of Good vs Evil, Corruptibility vs Integrity and Secret Combinations vs Openness & Transparency (which has largely been abandoned by all as they hunker down behind their walls of false security and safety while they rot from within.) Also, I'm working to bring a more Carribean influence where the races will largely be split between European-flavored and Carribean flavoured.

All of that taken together has made me think hard about 'forking' this game off into something new. In preparation for that, I have obtained the domain name ( was taken) and have a draft of the document where the name Lycadican has been changed to Kabal.  I've also applied filters to the current art that I'm using as placeholders to keep with this theme and will be reworking the Asura race into something else.

More to come in the future.

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