Friday, 16 October 2015

HELP!: To Roll or not To Roll.... that is the question

As I continue my revision of Lycadican and it's rules I'm always on the look out for an opportunity to improve things; right now I stand at a cross roads. I've been thinking of the proficiency system, how to determine the success or failure of a task and I need YOUR HELP to decide which way to go!

Option 1: The historical method:

  1. Add you Skill Level + the roll of the dice and take the result
  2. If the result is greater than a target number determined by the difficulty of the task (target numbers are about equal to 3 times the DL) you succeed. 
  3. If it's less you fail, but you can expend some Attribute points or Experience points to overcome this by bringing the total of Skill Level + Roll >= target number.
Option 2: A potentially newer method (with no dice rolling required):
  1. If your Skill level is greater than the difficulty level the task automatically succeeds.
  2. If the difficulty level of the task is greater than the skill level than you could spend attribute points so that your Skill Level + Points spent >= the Difficulty Level. You can only spend a maximum number of points equal to the level of the skill.
What do you think? Please leave comments below!

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