Friday, 23 January 2015

Redesigning the Setting: Drawing the Satellite View Map, 4

Now that we know about winds, climate zones and tectonic plates we are ready to draw the outline of our map. I prefer to draw the map with some markers for latitude and longitude so that I know what the climate will be in those areas. To do this, add a layer called coordinates
Layer > New Layer > Transparency (Name Coordinates)
Pencil > Brush (2. Hardness 100) > Colour Black

Now, using the Gimp guidelines, rules and a pencil tool draw the latitude and longitude lines at regularly spaced intervals. If you want, you can get fancy and label them. See how I've done set this up below:
Images in construction with Longitude and Latitude lines
One you've drawn your lines to reference Longitude and Latitude you can remove the blue guidelines. Now, add a new transparent layer named Coastlines and put just under the Coordinates layer. Generally we will keep the Coordinates layer at the top of our layer stack.
Layer > New Layer > Transparency (Name Coastlines)
Pencil > Brush (2. Hardness 100) > Colour Black

Now, using what you've learned, with the Coastlines layer selected, draw your continents and coastlines. You can see my completed coastline layer below.

Coastlines completed

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