Thursday, 15 January 2015

Redesigning the Setting: Drawing the Satellite View Map

Apparently, according to my wife, my posts are way too long. So I'm going to break things down into smaller bite sized pieces. Before I do that, I want to thank the folks over at The Cartographers Guild for their all of their help and assistance.

This effort is going to span multiple posts and in constructing our map we are going to use The Gimp and the Wilbur mapping tool. If you want to follow along I'm going to try this tutorial style so go ahead and get those tools installed. Also, you will need the following Gradients installed.

I generally followed a tutorial from a Arsheesh on the guild website called Eriond - A Tutorial for GIMP and Wilbur to create a satellite view style map, but I made a fair number of modifications. I'm going to follow his pdf in style and convention.

But that's all for today, don't want to make these posts too long! Come and see us again tomorrow for more!

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