Sunday, 11 January 2015

Lycadican Update

Hello to all Lycadican gamers. This new website has now officially replaced the very old and tired Lycadican website hosted at Lycadican 5 was released back in the late 90's on a website that was cool, at the time, but that was before Web 2.0 and blogs. However, even then Lycadican was unique in it's setting with new and unconventional player races, it's combat mechanics regarding armour and especially its treatment of magic. Unfortunately since that time life happened, I had kids, got a job, and we went dark.

The good news is that we are back. A lot of work was put into a Lycadican version 6 back around 2006 . This changed the game mechanics significantly and it was never really finished. Not its 2015 and we are going into a significant re-imagining of the setting in Khardan as well as a restructuring of the rules. There's lots to talk about and we are excited for all of the changes that are yet to come. I'll be posting many of them to this website. If we gain enough momentum the ultimate end goal will be formal publication and the formation of a new game publishing company.

Check back with us often!

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